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Botox® Treatments to Combat Wrinkles and Facial Lines

Botox® Cosmetic is the first and only FDA-approved prescription products that temporarily improves the appearance of both moderate to severe frown lines between the brows (the “11’s”) and moderate to severe crow’s feet in adults.

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 Botox® is one of the fastest-growing treatments in the field of cosmetic therapy.  The reason for this is simple:  Botox® is effective in the reducing and softening of wrinkles.  We frequently use it to treat frown lines between the eyebrows (the “11’s”) forehead wrinkles, and lines around the eyes (Crow’s Feet).  A few tiny injections are administered to the skin, which calms the muscles and allows for a smoother, more relaxed appearance.  The effect may take three to five days to appear.

The overall advantages of treating wrinkles with Botox® are:
• reduces or eliminates wrinkles without surgery
• corrects underlying muscles (as opposed to the skin’s surface as peels do)
• provides dramatic effects which are customizable and reversible
• no sedation or anesthesia is needed

Because Botox® has become so competitive, unfortunately, it has become commonplace for some doctors to dilute Botox® to less than full strength.  Our Botox® is FULL STRENGTH, which gives you maximum results from every treatment.

What can Botox® be used for ?
• Frown, Worry and Laugh Lines

• Reducing horizontal creases on the forehead
• Periorbital Wrinkles (Crow’s Feet)
• Brow Lift or Brow Asymmetry
• Drooping Mouth Corners
• Lip Wrinkles, Chest Wrinkles and Vertical Lines
• Platysma Stranding (“Neck Banding”)
• Hyperhidrosis (severe underarm sweating)

Botox® has been safely and successfully used in wrinkle therapy for almost 10 years.  The FDA has approved it for neurological disorders.  In the amounts used for wrinkle therapy, the only possible side effects are temporary and localized to the area of injection.  Although individuals may have slightly varied outcomes, we will work with you to achieve your most optimal results.

How does Botox work?
As you smile or raise your eyebrows your facial muscles beneath your skin are contracting. This contraction of facial muscles is what creates the wrinkles you notice across your forehead, between your eyes, and the “crows feet” to the sides of your eyes when you smile.

For a muscle to contract, it must first receive a signal from the brain to move. This signal is carried from the brain to muscle along nerves. At the end of the nerve as it enters the muscle, chemicals are released which cause the muscle to contract. This is where Botox works! It blocks these small nerves from releasing chemicals and keeps the muscle from moving. Without these facial muscles moving, there are no wrinkles. Your plastic surgeon can change the amount of Botox to a certain area depending on the amount of movement you desire. A common misconception is that Botox will give you a frozen, emotionless face which is not true.

Are there any side effects with Botox® ?
Side effects of Botox® are minimal, with slight discomfort upon injection (a tiny needle is used) of the solution.  Many patients choose to have the area numbed with a cold pack or anestic cream prior to injecting.  Bruising at the sight of injection may occur but is not common.  One percent of patients develop a slight lowering or ptosis of one eelid and, also rarely, asymmetry of facial expression.  These effects are temporary and may not even be noticed by the patient.  You may resume normal activity immediately.  You may see a marked improvement in the moderate to severe frown lines between your eyebrows within days.  Improvement may continue for as long as a month, and could last up to 6 months.  Typical duration of Botox® Cosmetic effects are 3 months. After that, the muscle action returns.  When frown lines reappear, a repeat treatment is necessary to regain the results.

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