Grants Available to Electrolysis Clients with PCOS!

Hello everyone! If you or someone you know struggles from having PCOS, there’s an opportunity to get FREE money to go towards getting rid of that unwanted hair. PCOS Diva, a nonprofit organization, will be offerings grants up to $500.00! PCOS is a medical condition that needs to be taken seriously and a woman who

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Trade in your tweezers, Get a free appointment!

Why spend time and money on temporary hair removal when you can ditch the tweezers for permanent hair removal!? Bring in your tweezers and you’ll receive a FREE electrolysis hair removal appointment with Cassi Lawings! Electrolysis can be performed to achieve perfect eyebrows, get rid of embarrassing facial hair and more. Give us a call

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2017 Spring Newsletter!

A Recent Success Vickie Mickey has just completed training in micro-blading! After many prior training in permanent cosmetics the invention of the micro-blading affords the opportunity to present the perfect eyebrow without all the prior issues in regards to permanent makeup. The micro-blading will last for several years and it will not turn that unpleasant

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Tweezing and Waxing are the enemy!

Hello everyone! I’d like to talk to you guys about how certain hair removal methods are only worsening your hair problems.  Methods such as tweezing and waxing are actually causing your hair to become coarser and more deeply seeded. By ripping the hair out of the follicle, you only irritate it and stimulate further hair

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Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! It’s the time of year where people have to appreciate the little things and love one another. Let’s hope for a great new year in 2017! Happy Holidays and stay warm in the cold winter air! Keep that skin exfoliated and moisturized! 

Retinol: Why you should be using it

Hello everyone! I wanted to explain to you all the benefits of retinol. There are many different skin types that can be improved with retinol.  1. Aging skin: Retinol rebuilds collagen to tighten skin and help prevent future wrinkles. 2. Sun-damaged skin: Retinol works as an antioxidant to replenish damaged skin and lighten sun spots. 3.

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What to expect after an eMatrix treatment

Hey guys! Many people are worried about down time when it comes to beauty treatments. The eMartrix treatment does come with minimal downtime but nothing nearly as bad as getting a surgical face lift. Day 1: After the procedure, your skin will be red and appear irritated. You will be advised to keep an SPF

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