Happy Holidays!

Hello everyone! It’s the time of year where people have to appreciate the little things and love one another. Let’s hope for a great new year in 2017! Happy Holidays and stay warm in the cold winter air! Keep that skin exfoliated and moisturized! 

Retinol: Why you should be using it

Hello everyone! I wanted to explain to you all the benefits of retinol. There are many different skin types that can be improved with retinol.  1. Aging skin: Retinol rebuilds collagen to tighten skin and help prevent future wrinkles. 2. Sun-damaged skin: Retinol works as an antioxidant to replenish damaged skin and lighten sun spots. 3.

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Is Microcurrent Safe and Effective?

Hello everybody! I’ve had people ask me if they’ll get shocked or feel uncomfortable while having a microcurrent procedure. When you hear someone talking about having current go through their body, it sounds a little scary right? Not to worry! We use the same current that is naturally flowing through our bodies. We use it to

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Fall weather is here!

Hello everybody! If you’re like me, then you love fall. Although, it can be drying on my skin and hair. I’m going to share some tips that work for me every year. Keep that skin moisturized! I constantly wear a moisturizer under my makeup, as well as doing hair masks. I love coconut oil as

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Will Laser Hair Removal Burn Me?

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk about how laser hair removal works. Lasers that are used to remove hair are specially designed to target hair follicles and destroy them. There is no damage to your skin from the laser treatment. If you have been in the sun, then yes, the laser can cause a burn

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