Will Laser Hair Removal work for you?

Hey there everyone! I wanted to share some information about Laser Hair Removal. There are many people out there that are not sure if their hair color or skin type would be safe for the laser. ALL skin types are safe and can be treated (unless you have laid in the sun recently)! The main

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Is Microcurrent Safe and Effective?

Hello everybody! I’ve had people ask me if they’ll get shocked or feel uncomfortable while having a microcurrent procedure. When you hear someone talking about having current go through their body, it sounds a little scary right? Not to worry! We use the same current that is naturally flowing through our bodies. We use it to

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Fall weather is here!

Hello everybody! If you’re like me, then you love fall. Although, it can be drying on my skin and hair. I’m going to share some tips that work for me every year. Keep that skin moisturized! I constantly wear a moisturizer under my makeup, as well as doing hair masks. I love coconut oil as

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Will Laser Hair Removal Burn Me?

Hello everyone! I wanted to talk about how laser hair removal works. Lasers that are used to remove hair are specially designed to target hair follicles and destroy them. There is no damage to your skin from the laser treatment. If you have been in the sun, then yes, the laser can cause a burn

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Medical Laser Rental and Service Company

We use the Medical Laser Rental and Service Company for all of our laser repair needs. They’re dependable and fast! If you’re a company who uses medical lasers and are in need of services, their contact information is as follows: 740-A Interstate Drive, West Chester, OH, 45246-1146 Phone (513) 489-5595 Fax (513) 489-8083 E-mail:

Laser Tonail Fungus Treatment

From Syneron Candela’s Website: “The introduction of this new FDA-cleared handpiece expands the functionality of the GentleYAG® Pro and GentleMax® Pro Nd:YAG laser to treat onychomycosis (nail fungus) in addition to its existing capabilities for hair removal and for the treatment of vascular and pigmented lesions. Onychomycosis is one of the most commonly diagnosed foot

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Transgender Community

In the past year, transgender patients have been coming out more and more. We have been successful at treating these patients to fulfill their medical needs in hair removal. Electrolysis and Laser Hair Removal have been used to achieve this. We would like everyone to know that we are a LGBT friendly business and will

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Buyer Beware! (comments welcome)

Premier Laser Spa has filed bankruptcy! 23 stores across 14 states and over 100 employees.   Each shop is an LLC in each state.  At the time of Chapter 11 filing on October 19, there were 15 operating stores.  Those were not listed by name.     Premier has a management company named Turkey Lake LLC, which is

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