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Does Laser Hair Removal Work ?
Laser Hair Removal is a great way to achieve hair removal for most people, but it won’t work for everyone.  Patients with white, gray or red hair will not be able to benefit from laser treatment for hair removal.  For these patients, Electrology (aka Electrolysis) is the best option for hair removal.

Here’s Why
Keratin is the protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. 
As the hair is being formed, melanocytes in the hair follicle inject pigment (melanin) into cells containing keratin.  Throughout the years, melanocyctes continue to inject pigment into the hair’s keratin, giving it a colorful hue.

Hair Color Matters
The laser goes after melanin, so the darker the hair the better the result.  The lighter the hair color, the less amount of melanin in the hair follicle … so the laser energy will not be absorbed and the light colored hair will not be destroyed.

Skin Color Matters, Also
For people with lighter skin colors, the Candella GentleLASE (it has a 755nm wavelength Alexandrite laser) is used. For people with darker skin colors, a special laser, the Candella GentleYAG (it has a 1064nm wavelength Nd:YAG laser) is used because it has the best wavelength designed to be most effective for laser hair removal on people with darker skin.

The Laser Matters, Too
At About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center, we are proud to use Candella lasers, which are made in the USA and are the widely recognized as the best.  Their patented cryogenic cooling  system sprays the upper layer of skin with a cooling burst of cryogen — milliseconds before the laser pulse.  This cools the skin and makes the laser hair removal treatment more comfortable.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful ?
Laser hair removal does not hurt as much as waxing and is way quicker. Yes. You read that right. Candella lasers are equipped with a cooling device that helps reduce the discomfort and protect the top layer of skin from the heat.  The feeling of laser hair removal has been described as a rubber band continually snapping at the skin. Additional side effects can be redness and swelling that last anywhere from one to three days. Most patients who have had the laser hair removal procedure believe the hair-free results are well worth the feeling experienced during the procedure.

When Is Laser Hair Removal Most Effective ?
The best candidate for laser hair removal with the GentleLASE will be someone with fair skin who is not tanned, but has darker eyes and darker hair.  This candidate will normally receive excellent results.  This candidate would probably have a GentleLASE laser setting at approximately 18 joules.  The darker the person’s skin color, the less the amount of laser energy that would be used.  The darker skin absorbs the energy, so a GentleLASE setting at 10 to 12 joules would be used.     If a person has a hair color that is too light, the GentleLASE laser might not work at all.  If that person were to have brownish blond hair, the laser could be effective, but it would have to be set at the higher energy range, say a GentleLASE setting of 18 to 20 joules.   When the skin gets even more darker, the GentleYAG is very effective.  To find the proper settings for your treatment, we will need to find your “clinical end point”.

Customized Hair Removal – Step 1 – Consultation
At About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center, we have both lasers, the Candella GentleLASE and the Candella GentleYAG, so we can treat a wide variety of hair and skin colors.   We will customize a treatment plan for you during your initial meeting.  This initial meeting is called a “consultation”.  There is no charge for the initial consultation.  After meeting in person, we will put together for you a customized hair removal program.  You will know the costs and the likely results.  Call us at 614-457-0448 to set up this free initial consultation.

Customized Hair Removal – Step 2 – Doctor’s Consent
If laser hair removal is not an option for you, we will provide you with the opportunity to receive Electrology (aka Electrolysis) treatments.  Electrology is an effective method of hair removal, and works best for some areas of the body.  Given your skin and hair color, if it looks like laser hair removal will be effective for you, then you are ready for the next step.  Our medical director will meet with you in person and determine the specific laser settings required by the color of your skin and hair.  This process is called “finding the clinical endpoint”.  We do this for each patient on a customized and individualized basis.  This is how we can give the best treatment.  The cost of this consent meeting is $75.00.  You will receive laser hair removal treatment to a small area of your skin, so you will experience the treatment … before you are committed to any payments.  You will know what laser hair removal feels like and how many treatments you will need.

How Long Will It Take?  How Many Treatments ? What Will It Cost ?
At About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center, our customized laser hair removal program will ensure the best results in the shortest period of time.  This is because our laser settings are set at the highest energy for your individual skin and hair color.   Clinical studies show that six (6) to eight (8) treatments are sufficient for effective hair removal when the laser is set properly according to “clinical end-point” determination.   We have met many former customers of these national companies who have complained about receiving ten, twelve or more treatments over more than two years of time, with still poor results.  They have paid $150 to $200 per month for two years ($3,000 to $5,000) for poor results and inconvenience.  Instead of paying $3,000 to $5,000 for twelve treatments over two years, we will set up a program of six to eight treatments over a 9-month to 12-month period at less than half the cost charged by some of these national corporations. Yes, this means you will get better treatment at a lower cost, and it is possible because you will meet with a doctor and have customized laser hair removal settings at About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center.   We will not require you to sign a contract or payment plan.  You can start and stop anytime your wish.  Laser hair removal is most commonly performed on the legs and underarms.  The total cost will depend on the size of your legs and the color of your skin and hair.  For most patients, effective Laser Hair Removal of your legs will require six (6) treatments lasting fifteen (15) each.  We may be able to do your bikini line and underarms in the same session.  Each appointment will cost just $150, for a total of $900 over nine (9) months.  The only other charge is the $75.00 for the doctor’s consent, so the total cost will most likely be $975.00, not the $3,000 to $5,000 at our national competitors.  Actually, they will quote you a cost of $9,000, and then tell you it is discounted by 60% (sometimes this is only if you sign up today!).  A 60% discount sounds great, and $200 a month for two years sounds OK, but even a 60% discount on $9,000 will still cost $3,600, more than three times higher than our costs.  They must charge these high rates because they are spending ten to twenty thousand dollars per month on radio advertising, have millions of dollars in overhead in the form of a corporate headquarters building, and, in some cases, a listing on Wall Street where their investors require ever increasing profits.

Why Does it Take Multiple Treatments ?
The laser is only able to disable the hair follicle when it’s in the anagen (growth) phase. Different body areas grow hair at different speeds.  You will receive six (6) treatments over a nine (9) month period so that all of your hair is disabled.  At least two weeks prior to your treatment, make sure you have no sun exposure to the area that’s being treated; we want you to be as close to your baseline color as possible.

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