Laser Hair Removal Pricing

Please read this valuable information about Laser Hair Removal Pricing for Columbus Ohio

How the National Competitors Price Laser Hair Removal
There are two national competitors in Columbus that advertise great deals, but be careful!  

National Competitor #1: To provide laser hair removal for legs, they will quote a price of approximately $9,500, and then offer discounts of 65% to 75%.  However, even after their discounts, this is still $2,375 for the legs only.  

National Competitor #2: To provide laser hair removal for legs, they will require a package of ten (10) treatments at $280 each – for each of the lower and upper legs.  This is a total cost of $2,800 for the lower legs and $2,800 for the upper legs for a total of $5,600.  Sometimes, they offer 2-for-1 specials, but it will still cost $2,800 for the legs only.

These National Competitors will allow you to pay up front or, if you sign a commitment package, in a series of  10 of $280 each or 18-24 payments of $200 each.

At About Face, we offer a special pricing package where we will charge only $150 for each treatment … which will cover both legs entirely.  Since most patients need only 6 to 8 treatments, this means that your total cost for treatment will be just $900 to $1,200.

We offer the best in custom laser hair removal in Columbus at prices you will find attractive.  Your initial consultation is free.  Your next appointment will be with our Medical Director and cost you just $75.00 to be consented.  During this consenting appointment, you will experience laser hair removal on a small portion of your body – so you will know what it feels like before you get your first full treatment. After this consenting appointment, you will receive laser hair removal treatments at the rate of $150 for 15 minutes of treatment.  This is enough time to cover the entire pair of legs, top and bottom.  And, if there is time left over, we can also do the bikini line and other areas at NO ADDITIONAL COST!

You will NOT be required to sign a commitment package … we want you to keep coming back because you are happy with our service, and we are confident that you will be.

Why our Service is the Best
Not all lasers are the same …. and neither are skill sets of the cosmetic therapists who operate them!

About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center uses Syneron-Candela® lasers …. the GentleLASE and GentleYAG systems. These state-of-the-art systems have special contact cooling tips that soothe and protect the surrounding skin, while bringing the laser energy as close as possible to the hair root. These lasers are the most effective method of laser hair removal. This technology is effective and comfortable – delicate enough for a woman’s fine, sensitive skin, yet robust enough for a mans beard, back or arms.

The Candela® lasers use a patented Cryogen cooling technology that makes the laser hair removal treatment as pain-free as possible.  No other laser manufacturer has this patented system!  When you visit About Face in Columbus, we only use the Candela lasers. 

Your laser hair removal will be done by the owner, Vickie Mickey, or a licensed Cosmetic Therapist personally trained by Vickie.  All licensed Cosmetic Therapists receive more than 750 hours of classroom and hands-on training before they see their first patient!

Your first appointment is FREE!  

Call us today at 614-457-0448 to schedule your free and private initial consultation.