Meet Vickie

Vickie Mickey, CT, C.L.T.DSC_9742-vickie

Vickie Mickey is the founder of both About Face Cosmetic Therapy Center and the Cosmetic Therapy Training Center.

Throughout her illustrious career, she has pioneered numerous innovative non-surgical cosmetic therapies for more than three decades. She is licensed to perform laser hair removal and electrolysis, and is trained to perform numerous other treatments with a wide variety of cosmetic medical equipment. Here at About Face, she serves both as the President of the company and as one of our most widely sought technicians, working side-by-side with the rest of our staff to ensure our clients well-being with the highest level of care.

As well as working on-site at About Face, Vickie is the President and Chief Instructor at the Cosmetic Therapy Training Center.  Founded in 2003, and was designed to train cosmetic therapists in both a didactic and hands-on manner. It is approved by the State Medical Board of Ohio and the Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (State Registration Number 10-11-1950T).  

Vickie prides herself for having played an active role in setting high standards throughout the medical spa industry. She previously served as the president of the International Guild of Hair Removal Specialists, and has frequently been published in professional journals such as Skin, Inc. and Dermascope. She was licensed by the State Medical Board of Ohio in 1984 and is a former member of its advisory committee. Her training includes The Ohio State College of Electrolysis, The Rocky Mountain Laser College, Lasertrolysis of Naples, Loraine Community College in Laser Technology, and with the Monterey Bay Institute of Electrology. She has extensive continued education in all aspects of cosmetic therapy.